Friday, 15 June 2018

My Matariki

Once upon a time they was 7 sisters. They live in a little house. One morning the 7 sisters kites for the harvest. Eech sister made kites. The first sister made her kite out of harakeke bush it was green The second sister made her out of raupo and it was orange.the thrider The sister went up the mountain fly they kites. But there was no wind so they went to sleep. Then Matariki waked up. She said where are the kites gone? Then she cried then all of the sisters wake up. They started to look for them. They saw the kites they flyed with the stars. The big sister said to Matariki the stars are ours Matariki then she felled so happy m because the stars shine on the day it is the harvest.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Zoo Trip

On Thursday the block went on the bus the zoo. When
miss king call everyone to go in to a group of 5 or 6
people when we all was in the group then we got our bag
then we all went to the bus me and my group went on the
2 bus it was so cool when we got to the zoo. The zoo
keeper said then we can have a time to walk around for
a little while then when it was 11:30 it was time to go to
the meeting place then we got there on time but some
kids don’t came back to the meeting place but then we
had to wait for the girl come and talk then it start to rain
then we got to the kiwi place then all of us had to be quiet
so they do not ran away then we seed a kiwi it was walking
around then it was time to go the bird place. we seed a lot
of bird’s but some of the bird’s hide on the trees and in the tree.
Then we went up the stairs into we got to the top.
Then we got to the top we saw a lot of bird’s up there.
Then the had to go back to the meeting place for lunch
then we got to the meeting place but i was the first one
at the meeting place than my group was behind me. Then
we had to wait for miss king then we all sat down on the
floor it was dry. Then we all start eating then miss king
came back then we all start eating then we all was finished
then we wait for everyone to finished. Now everyone was
finished we went to the park. Some kid’s was there but then
we can go on the big slide they had to go to the little slide
and some of us went on the little slide but then my group
went somewhere else we went to see the giraffe and the
zebar then we saw the little meerkat. Some of us went inside
the little cave to meerkat then we had to go to the meeting
place because it was time to go back to school. When we
all got there we had to wait for the bus to came so we wait
and wait. Then the bus came at last. we all was getting on
the bus to go to school some of us was falling asleep on the
way back to school then the got back to school.and i had to
wake up too. When we had to get off and go to school.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Thank you to Woolf Fisher

           thank you for bring the pizza Woolf Fisher it was so delicious everyone in joyed it so much all of as ate it all.